Eligible to apply
- Anyone can apply.
How to apply
- Apply online by emailing: audition@woolliment.com
- Submit by mail to the Artist Development Team : 14, World Cup buk-ro 23gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 03966, Woollim Entertainment
Online Audition Process
1) Photo (fontal photo, image photo, attach at least 1 each)
2) Video of singing K-pop song or Pop sing with less than 1 verse (required) / Special skills : dance, performance, etc. (select)
3) In case of acting, there are no genre restriction such as broadcasting, plays, movies, etc.
4) Submit audition materials for each application field to : audition@woolliment.com
Online Audition Process
- E-mail is first application, and only those who pass the first round will be contacted individually and then the second round.
- Call or text message will be sent to applicants that have passed only.

- Submitted materials will not be returned.