2021. 01. 25

- Golden Child's positive message to the world, fifth mini album [YES.]
- “I will take all your sadness and pain” ‘Burn It’, a song of pure love for loved ones

Golden Child's (DAEYEOL, Y, JANGJUN, TAG, SEUNGMIN, JAEHYUN, JIBEOM, DONGHYUN, JOOCHAN, and BOMIN)'s new album [YES.] has been released.

The title name of the 5th mini album [YES.] is Golden Child's message of positivity towards a dark and confusing world and is the main keyword that runs through the entire message album.

Over the past year, Golden Child has expanded its musical worldview by releasing three albums, including the first full-length album repackage [Without You]. As they have shown off their diverse charms across a variety of genres, from refreshing to sexy, interest in Golden Child's activities, which will be shown with their new album [YES.], which will kick off their activities in 2021.


  1. 1. YES.
  2. 2. 안아줄게(Burn It) (Title)
  3. 3. Cool Cool
  4. 4. 기다리고 있어
  5. 5. Milky Way
  6. 6. Breathe