2022. 02. 28

Rocket Punch’s stylish and dignified ‘Runway’!
“YELLOW, the closest color to light. Rocket Punch’s spectacular stage begins”

Rocket Punch, who captured the hearts of K-POP fans around the world with last year’s Newtro concept Single Album [Ring Ring], is making a surprise comeback after about nine months.

Rocket Punch’s 4th Mini Album [Yellow PUNCH] is a COLOR COLLECTION with the motif of a model’s runway walking confidently under colorful lights. Rocket Punch, who has various colors of charms, plans to confidently express their attractiveness through the stage of this album.

The title song ‘CHUQUITA’ is a mixture of 80’s Disco and Euro dance, with vintage synths and analog instruments creating an original sound and well expressing the feel of an up-tempo dance tune. Honest and impressive lyrics such as “I’m going to enjoy the moment in my own way”, “WANNA BE CHIQUITA”, and “NO THANKS to clothes that don’t fit” are combined with Rocket Punch’s confident group dance under gorgeous lighting to show off their perfect skills and visuals. The addictive song ‘CHUQUITA’ added even more attractiveness to the song.

Rocket Punch’s 4th Mini Album [YELLOW PUNCH] contains a song from various genres where you can see Rocket Punch’s growth, including the title song ‘CHIQUITA’.

“The closest color to light, Yellow”

On February 28th, 2022, Rocket Punch’s spectacular stage begins.


  2. 2. CHIQUITA (Title)
  3. 3. 주인공 (In My World)
  4. 4. 덤덤 (Red Balloon)
  5. 5. 어제, 오늘 내일보다 더
  6. 6. LOUDER