Villain : ZERO

2022. 06. 15

DRIPPIN's Extended Worldview [Villain'z Era] Prequel [Villain: ZERO]
The beginning of a narrative based on dichotomous confrontation and uncertainty principles.
The identity of the divided ‘X’, the center of all narratives, is revealed.

DRIPPIN, who opened the door to an expanded worldview through the 3rd Mini Album [Villain], has released the 2nd Single Album [Villain: ZERO], a prequel to [Villain’z Era], which contains the secret of the missing link that was not solved in the previous work. This prequel started from the keyword [ZERO], which connotes the meaning of Empty, which is empty, and Ever, which implies eternity, and contains the inner story of the main character ‘X’, a part of it, not the whole.

The title song ‘ZERO’ is a moment that symbolizes the division of "X," the center of all narratives, and is an Alternative-Hiphop genre song that hints at a tipping point in the near future, and the combination of Insane-Gain's Distance Riff and layered Overtone is impressive. As we challenged the new genre, we can get a glimpse of each member's doubled charm, and we can feel the growth of more mature DRIPPIN at the turning point in the part composition, including YUNSEONG and MINSEO, who connect the song's mood with their meticulous voice, JUNHO and CHANGUK who convey the mood of the song, and HYEOP's ad-lib that goes beyond the limit.

As many interpretations of the inevitable future that will unfold after [Villain] and [Villain: ZERO] have been made possible, it will add a deeper sense to the narrative of [Villain'z Era], which will be completed in the future, and attention is being paid to DRIPPIN's, which will reveal its presence to global fans around the world as a performance-type artist as well as music.


  1. 1. ZERO (Title)
  2. 2. GAME
  3. 3. Trick and Treat