Villain : The End

2022. 11. 15

- DRIPPIN's Extended Worldview [Villain'z Era]'s final Full-length First Album [Villain: The End]
- A fatalistic eclipse of two selves in the opposite world of day and night, sun and moon.
- Villain'z's final match, reborn as The One and Only One.

DRIPPIN (LEE HYEOP, HWANG YUNSEONG, JOO CHANGUK, KIM DONGYUN, KIM MINSEO, CHA JUNHO, and ALEX), who is showing endless growth amidst the interest of global fans, has returned with their first full-length album [Villain: The End] with more intense music and performances.

Produced in three parts, [Villain'z Era] concludes with DRIPPIN's first full-length album [Villain: The End], which was finally released. The journey comes to an end, and it not only has the meaning of 'End' where everything comes to an end, but also has a double meaning of a new beginning only when everything is finished, and represents a new union born at the turning point between the end and the beginning, 'The One'. The level of completeness was improved by explaining it with the keyword.

DRIPPIN's first full-length album [Villain: The End] is expected to stimulate the public's eyes and ears through the stage of the DRIPPIN members, who have been reborn as performance-type artists as well as music. After the conclusion, more attention is focused on the actions of the seven boys who will transform into another form and come back with a new appearance.


  1. 1. I.N.O
  2. 2. The One (Title)
  3. 3. Silence
  4. 4. MONSTER
  5. 5. HOME
  6. 6. UTOPIA
  7. 7. DEJA VU
  8. 8. ESCAPE
  9. 9. Champion
  10. 10. When I'm With You