2022. 01. 17

- DRIPPIN’s overwhelming visuals and powerful performance!
- DRIPPIN’s own fantasy SF epic, awakened as a Dark Hero!
- Boys’ great rebellion! DRIPPIN’s ‘Villain’ is more powerful than a Hero

‘Global Super Rookie’ DRIPPIN (CHA JUNHO, HWANG YUNSEONG, KIM DONGYUN, LEE HYEOP, JOO CHANGUK, ALEX, and KIM MINSEO), who brightened the summer of 2021 with [Free Pass], returs with their third Mini Album [Villain].

If the first single [Free Pass] featuring DRIPPIN’s unique freshness and lovely performance proved its potential as a global rookie by entering the Billboard World Digital Song Sale Chart, the third Mini Album [Villain], DRIPPIN’s first step in 2022, is an album that captures the unique charm of DRIPPIN, which has been transformed into an intense and boyish character, and it ready to captivate fans in domestic and abroad with its interesting tracks composition of the dark hero concept through the album and its unique visual with strong characteristics.

The title song ‘Villain’ is powerful and cool expression of DRIPPIN, which compares the passion of running for the goals they want to achieve with “I’ll make you love your breath”, “I’ll set your hear on fire again today”, and  “I can’t stop Right, can’t avoid it Why” such as Villain.

The intro track '7Villaz', the concept sound of the third Mini Album [Villain], the title song 'Villain', and 'Switch', 'SHY', 'Delusion', and ‘Remember’ which complete DRIPPIN's new awakening as a dark hero. The composition of the album leading up contains the ambition of DRIPPIN, an attractive 21st century 'Villain', to promote their own music and performance to the world.


  1. 1. 7Villaz
  2. 2. Villain (Title)
  3. 3. Switch
  4. 4. SHY
  5. 5. Delusion
  6. 6. Remember