The Flash

2023. 08. 02

KWON EUNBI, the ‘SUMMER QUEEN’, returns with 1st single Album [The Flash]

‘Overcoming another taboo with the mix and match of pure WHITE and strong BLACK.’

KWON EUNBI, who earned the title ‘SUMMER QUEEN’ through her performance at the largest domestic and international music festival in 2023, releases her 1st Single Album [The Flash].

KWON EUNBI’s 1st Single Album [The Flash] is a Summer Season album composed of a total of three genres that allows to feel the powerful and glamorous sound and refreshing charm that will cool the heat of hot summer days.

The title song ‘The Flash’ is a POP-DANCE genre song completed with the motif of the mythical figure “Persephone”, and is a modern-mythology reinterpreted of the keyword “choice” of free will by mix and match WHITE, a girl who loves flowers and gardens, a woman who symbolizes a STAR loved by everyone, with a woman who decided to become a queen of the underworld, and a metaphor of BLACK, which symbolizes Nora who escapes from the doll’s house ad runs away.
The lyrics based on the story of “Persephone”, which swallowed red pomegranates, were composed in the form of a word puzzle in which hidden words were combined to find the correct answer. Also, KWON EUNBI’s bold and energetic vocals and performances were added to enhance the completeness of the song.

Meanwhile, KWON EUNBI, who made a comeback this summer with her first single album in 10 months, plans to capture the hearts of global listeners at home and abroad with its more mature charm, and will continue to communicate and meet with fans through various activities.


  1. 1. The Flash (Title)
  2. 2. Comet
  3. 3. Beautiful Night