2023. 04. 19

The source of all sins that humans commit of their ow will, [SEVEN SINS]
Fallen Angel’s narrative of desire and salvation begins as fall from the sky.

In 2022, “Global Rookie” DRIPPIN, who showed an intense mood and high level of perfection through [Villain’z Era] over the past year, released their third Single Album [SEVEN SINS] with a grotesque mood and more mature appearance.

DRIPPIN’s 3rd Single Album [SEVEN SINS] is an album full of unrivaled visuals, powerful performances, and maturity of the members, complete with the motif of the root of all sins.

The title song ‘SEVEN SINS’ develops a conflict through the gaze of Fallen Angel, the main character, the source of sin and the object of salvation that completes the narrative, and the rhythm of Metallic-Sound and String-Section are harmonized to created tensions in the song. In addition, the paradigm of time changing from analog to digital is reinterpreted with the motif of the original sins Pride and Envy, which have existed for eternity from the past to the present, through the song ‘STEREO’, and the kitsch and intense energy of ‘BAD BLOOD’, which symbolizes Wrath, Gluttony, and Greed, is added to give a glimpse of DRIPPIN’s high-quality world view and musical connection.

Meanwhile, DRIPPIN members, who are moving forward as performance-oriented artist as well as music, will show more mature sides and bold performances through this album, and get attention of not only domestic but also global listeners.


  1. 1. SEVEN SINS (Title)
  2. 2. STEREO
  3. 3. BAD BLOOD