Ring Ring

2021. 05. 17

New Retro! Rocket Punch’s 1st Single Album [Ring Ring]
Newtro fairy Rocket Punch is back with addictive melody and unique charm.

Rocket Punch, who captured the hearts of K-POP fans around the world with their 3rd Mini Album [BLUE PUNCH] last year, is making a surprise comeback in about eight months.

Rocket Punch's first Single Album [Ring Ring] contains three songs from various genres that show the charm of Rocket Punch, including the title song ‘Ring Ring,’ which features the concept of the compound word "NEW" and "RETRO.”

The title song ‘Ring Ring’ is a mix of Synthwave genre and 80s Synth pop style, and song that features Rocket Punch’s unique charms expresses confident love in bouncy and witty lyrics “I’ll go to the person who rings my phone first.” Rocket Punch, which perfectly recreates American retro fashion, wll show off its mature skills and visuals.

The “Color Series” trilogy, which includes ‘PINK PUNCH’, ‘RED PUNCH’, and ‘BLUE PUNCH’, is an ‘all-rounder girl group’ with perfect skills, visuals, and attractiveness. Rocket Punch, who has previously been in the spotlight perfectly assimilates the retro concept they are attempting for the first time since their debut, transforming into “newtro fairies” who can enjoy watching and listening at the same time with well-thought-out choreography, creating a new retro craze in the music industry this summer.


  1. 1. Ring Ring (Title)
  2. 2. I Want U Bad
  3. 3. Ride