2020. 02. 10

‘Rocket Punch’, the girls who will make a new impact, releases their second Mini Album ‘RED PUNCH’
‘RED PUNCH’, the more intense color of Rocket Punch!
‘Rocket Punch’ 2nd Mini Album [RED PUNCH]... The title song ‘BOUNCY’

Rocket Punch (YeonHee, Juri, SuYun, YunKyoung, Sohee, and DaHyun), an “all-rounder” girl group with various aspects including perfect visuals, vocal skills, and spectacular performances, will make a comeback in about six months with its second Mini Album [RED PUNCH] on February 10th at 6P.M.

Starting with the introduction ‘RED PUNCH’, a high-quality album with a total of seven tracks, including ‘So Solo’ in the style of house-style retro pop, ‘Fireworks’ featuring Rocket Punch’s bold charm, ‘paper Star’ with lyrical lyrics, ‘Lilac’ singing about the heart of welcoming spring, and ‘Girlfriend’ with an impressive fresh girl sensibility.

Rocket Punch is a girl group that appeared like a comet in the music industry with the title track ‘BIM BAM BUM’ of its first Mini Album [PINK PUNCH] in August last year, with its bouncy charms and high-quality stage performance that were not typical of rookies, and it has emerged as a’2020 new rising start’ selected by K-POP officials.

Rocket Punch, who announced their comeback with their second Mini Album [RED PUNCH] in about six months, is drawing keen attention as to whether they will be able to deliver another fresh blow to the music industry with more intense energy.


  1. 1. RED PUNCH
  2. 2. BOUNCY (Title)
  3. 3. So Solo
  4. 4. Fireworks
  5. 5. 종이별 (Paper Star)
  6. 6. 다시, 봄 (Lilac)
  7. 7. 여자사람친구 (Girl Friend)