My Name

2022. 04. 26

- The first step as solo artist ‘LEE SU HEONG’ [My Name]
- Message of hope delivered through ‘the moon’, title song ‘Walking Through The Moon’
- Artist LEE SU JEONG’s New Music World, First Mini Album [My Name] 

“Hug you and dance in this beautiful night”
“Our dance start again”
“We dream on a day when the moon was shining”

In the warm spring, LEE SU JEONG, who has been loved by many for her bright and attractive vocals, takes her first step as a solo artist 8 years after her debut with her first mini-album [My Name], in which she participated in writing lyrics for all songs.


  1. 1. My Name
  2. 2. 달을 걸어서 (Title)
  3. 3. 진작에 헤어질 걸 그랬어
  4. 4. 체온
  5. 5. 거울
  6. 6. Cosmos