2022. 10. 12

An irresistible fatal charm, ‘all-rounder Queen’ KWON EUNBI’s 3rd Mini Album [Lethality]

“My voice sweeps you away like possessed. Pull to the bottom of the ocean. I’ll have as you please, leave it to me”

KWON EUNBI, who showed off her diver charms as an ‘allrounder’ artist with her first mini album [OPEN] and her second album [Color], which contains a variety of colors, will show another different look with her third mini album [Lethality], which contains irresistible charm.

KWON EUNBI will firmly reveal her elegant and unique musical color through [Lethality]. The title song ‘Underwater’ is an impressive song with lyrics that compare the deep desire to have a loved one to the mysterious deep sea. This is a song where people can fully feel KWON EUNBI’s unique powerful vocals and energy.

The album, which consists of a total of six tracks, including the intro ‘WAVE’, which marks the first chapter, the title song ‘Underwater’, ‘Croquis’, ‘Simulation’, ‘Flash’, and ‘Hi’, which KWON EUNBI wrote and composed. Through this album, the accomplished solo artist KWON EUNBI will be proven once again.


  1. 1. WAVE
  2. 2. Underwater (Title)
  3. 3. Croquis
  4. 4. Simulation
  5. 5. Flash (Prod. 박문치)
  6. 6. Hi