Likve Heaven

2023. 10. 24

‘The sentimental feeling that blooms like the air on autumn night, KWON EUNBI’s Digital Single [Like Heaven]’
‘KWON EUNBI’s meeting with Paul Blanco stimulates autumn Sentiment’
‘Special single like a gift to RUBI’

In 2023, KWON EUNBI, who received the most love this year and proved to be the best solo artist, will unveil Digital Single [Like Heaven].

‘Like Heaven’ is a city-pop genre song that stimulate the faintness that blooms like the air of autumn night and the simple romance hidden in one side of the heart, and the dreamy Guitar-Riff and Brass Sound are impressive. The lyrics has the meaning of hope that it will become a sweet rest in the hearts of everyone who runs toward their dreams, and KWON EUNBI’s unique warm and cozy voice combines to stimulate emotions.

‘Like Heaven’, which was first introduced through the stage of KWON EUNBI’s third concert [QUEEN], which was successfully completed in early October, will be released with a total of 2 songs along with a new version of the title through this official release, and R&B hip-pop musician Paul Blanco participated as feature to enhance the completeness of the song. The title song, which has a different charm than solo ver., will be the best emotional track to deliver to listeners this fall through the harmony of KWON EUNBI and Paul Blanco.

Meanwhile, KWON EUNBI, who earned the title “Summer Queen” by participating in the largest domestic and international music festival last June and won her first place on a music show for the first time as a solo artist with her single album [The Flash]. Once again proved her influence by winning the “Best Solo performer of the Year” category.


  1. 1. Like Heaven (Feat. Paul Blanco) (Title)
  2. 2. Like Heaven