Game Changer

2021. 08. 02

The second full-length album 'GAME CHANGER' by 'Golden Child,' shaking up the music scene with the heart-pounding sound 'Ra Pam Pam'

Golden Child (Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, TAG, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, Bomin) has returned with their second full-length album 'GAME CHANGER' in about six months, captivating the music scene with their intense charm.

This second full-length album 'GAME CHANGER' encapsulates Golden Child's aspirations to play a decisive role in overturning the music scene, with a total of 11 tracks including various genres of songs, including the title track 'Ra Pam Pam,' as well as unit tracks showcasing each member's charm.

With such a diverse range of music genres, Golden Child, returning with their second full-length album 'GAME CHANGER' in a more mature manner, brings positive messages to listeners exhausted by the current times, anticipating that they will overturn the music scene in the summer of 2021.


  1. 1. Game Changer
  2. 2. Ra Pam Pam (Title)
  3. 3. Bottom Of The Ocean
  4. 4. 빵빠레
  5. 5. Singing In The Rain (Joo Chan & Bo Min)
  6. 6. GAME (TAG & Ji Beom)
  7. 7. Spell (주문을 걸어)
  8. 8. 창밖으로 우리가 흘러 (Dae Yeol Solo)
  9. 9. POPPIN’ (Y & Jang Jun)
  10. 10. 느낌적인 느낌 (Seung Min & Dong Hyun & Jae Hyun)
  11. 11. 난 알아요