Free Pass

2021. 06. 29

- Dreamy Parade of Super Rookie DRIPPIN!
- Seven Boys' Amusement Park to Stay Cool in the Hot Summer
- 100% refreshing energy, ‘Free Pass’ provided by DRIPPIN

‘Super rookie’ DRIPPIN (CHA JUNHO, HWAN YUNSEONG, KIM DONGYUN, LEE HYEOP, JOO CHANGUK, ALEX, and KIM MINSEO), who debuted amid much interest in the second half of 2020, releases his first Single Album [Free Pass].

The second Mini Album [A Better Tomorrow], which contains “the will of youth to step toward a dream”, ranked at the top of iTunes K-pop album charts in Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, demonstrating DRIPPIN's presence to global fans beyond Korea. This first Single Album [Free Pass] is expected to capture the hearts of global fans once again with an album that contains DRIPPIN's unique coolness and lovely performance.

The title song 'Free Pass' of the same name is “I'll only give you a free pass”, “Accepts only you a free pass”, “You just have to have an exciting and enjoyable day”, and DRIPPIN, which compares the desire to do anything for the person you like to a free pass. It is a song with a cute interpretation unique to DRIPPIN and a bright energy like the summer sun.

The songs that lead to the title songs 'Free Pass', 'STAY', and 'WISH' are songs that express the passage of time as the summer days go by, from sunny summer days to dusky evenings and cool nights. The completeness of the album was improved.


  1. 1. Free Pass (Title)
  2. 2. STAY
  3. 3. 너의 소원 안에 내가 있었으면 해 (WISH)