2022. 08. 29

“I’m ready for action!”
Rocket Punch is ready to enter the world with their confident charm!

Rocket Punch (YeonHee, Juri, SuYun, YunKyoung, SoHee, and DaHyun), who proudly expressed their charm with COLOR COLLECTION last February, returned to ‘FLASH,’ which has become more colorful in about six months.

This Rocket Punch’s second Single Album [FLASH], you can feel the new charm of a mature Rocket Punch, which is turning into a “true me” within itself.

The title song ‘FLASH’ is a song of the Melbourne-Bounce genre with an attractive up-tempo bass line and dot-synth sound, and contains the message of ‘step into a new world by creating a flash of colorful light.’ The dot-patterned lights of pink, red, blue, and yellow create a blinding black-out, and the main theme, which begins with the signal ‘Ready for action,’ completes Rocket Punch’s unique Oriental-Groove.

With this second Single Album [FLASH], we look forward to a spectacular stage filled with Rocket Punch that will captivate K-Pop fans around the world with a mature charm different from the previous one.


  1. 1. FLASH (Title)
  2. 2. Moon Prism
  3. 3. Beep Beep