Feel me

2023. 11. 02

"To my [youth] who was in pain as much as I was happy and loved as much as I hated it."
"Our growth story connected to many different memories." [Feel me]

In 2023, Golden Child (DAEYEOL, Y, JANGJUN, TAG, SEUNGMIN, JAEHYUN, JIBEOM, DONGHYUN, JOOCHAN, and BOMIN) is building its own unrivaled field and showing a diverse spectrum in domestic and overseas album activities, concerts, entertainment, and dramas. releases their third single album [Feel me].

[Feel me] is a single album released in Korea 1 year and 3 months after the previous mini album AURA, released in August of last year, and has greater meaning as leader Lee DAEYEOL, who returned from military service, joined the album.


  1. 1. Feel me (Title)
  2. 2. Blind Love
  3. 3. Dear