2021. 10. 05

‘Hold me tight, I’ll run after the light’

Golden Child (DAEYEOL, Y, JANGJUN, TAG, SEUNGMIN, JAEHYUN, JIBEOM, DONGHYUN, JOOCHAN, and BOMIN), who shook the music industry with their second full-length album [Game Changer] in August, returned with the repackage album [DDARA].

Golden Child's repackage album [DDARA] includes 11 songs from their 2nd regular album [Game Changer], as well as the title song 'DDARA', which contains an addictive melody and fatal charm, and TAG's self-composed song ‘OASIS’ was additionally included which was collaborated with the production team AIMING.

The title song 'DDARA' starts with an unaccompanied a cappella and has an attractive hook that catches the ear from the beginning. It is a new jack swing style song with a rhythmic beat, emphasizing the true self that does not care about what others think, the main message, 'Follow my lead', is expressed concisely with the pleasant and powerful word 'DDARA', and Golden Child's synchronized dance is expected to add to the fun of watching.

In addition, the included song ‘OASIS’ is a self-composed song by TAG created in collaboration with the production team AIMING, and is an amazing song with the harmony of emotional synth and acoustic sound. Just as OASIS is the only resting place in the desert, it expresses gratitude towards the Golden Child members who have become a haven during difficult and tiring times, and at the same time, it contains the hope that the music will be a source of relaxation for all those who are tired of life.
Golden Child's 2nd Album Repackage [DDARA] will be released on October 5th.


  1. 1. Game Changer
  2. 2. Ra Pam Pam
  3. 3. DDARA (Title)
  4. 4. OASIS
  5. 5. Bottom Of The Ocean
  6. 6. 빵빠레
  7. 7. Singing In The Rain (Joo Chan & Bo Min)
  8. 8. GAME (TAG & Ji Beom)
  9. 9. Spell (주문을 걸어)
  10. 10. 창밖으로 우리가 흘러 (Dae Yeol Solo)
  11. 11. POPPIN’ (Y & Jang Jun)
  12. 12. 느낌적인 느낌 (Seung Min & Dong Hyun & Jae Hyun)
  13. 12. 느낌적인 느낌 (Seung Min & Dong Hyun & Jae Hyun)