2022. 04. 04

- “Spring Queen” KWON EUNBI, a feast of colorful colors that awakens springs
- KWON EUNBI, a colorful artist in her own right, delivers a message of self-respect through ‘Glitch’
- KWON EUNBI’s “WHY?” addressing the world’s prejudices, “diversity” spoken through music

‘On the standard, I, It’s definitely uncertain, That’s who I am’

KWON EUNBI, who announced the beginning of her brilliant solo career with her first Mini Album [Door], heralds a different charm with her second Mini Album [Color]. If the last ‘Door’ activity proved her ability as a complete solo artist with alluring beauty and stage dominance, this second Mini Album [Color] will show a variety of performances while clearly revealing more mature musical color and shows various performances, making it colorful by its very existence. Artist KWON EUNBI will show off her side.

The title song ‘Glitch’ is a word that has a dictionary meaning of “small flaw, temporary error”, and is symbol of self-respect that breaks the gaze that is perceived as incomplete it if does not meet any criteria and proudly moves forward to the full self and become “my own fairy tale protagonist.”


  1. 1. The Colors of Light
  2. 2. Glitch (Title)
  3. 3. Magnetic
  4. 4. Colors
  5. 5. 우리의 속도
  6. 6. OFF