2020. 10. 28

- DRIPPIN, 2020 second half “K-Pop’s Best Expectant”, releases debut album [Boyager]
- ‘Nostalgia’, the title song that announces the new journey of the seven boys
- DRIPPIN 1st Mini Album [Boyager] Title song ‘Nostalgia’

DRIPPIN, the “Super Rookie” ambitiously prepared by Woollim Entertainment, is finally revealed.

DRIPPIN, newly launched by Woollim Entertainment, the ‘Idol Master’ that has raised INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, and Rocket Punch, is a seven-member boy group composed of CHA JUNHO, HWANG YUNSEONG, KIM DONGYUN, LEE HYEOP, JOO CHANGUK, ALEX, and KIM MINSEO with various charms.

The team name, DRIPPIN, us a new word meaning “cool” and “awesome” and has the meaning of “cool and awesome group” that leads music, fashion and trends. It has a variety of features such as brilliant visuals, perfect performance and singing skills. It contains a strong ambition to write a new history in the music industry with charm.

The debut album [Boyager] is a compound word of “Boy” and “Voyager.” Just as the long-distance traveler or Voyager showed us a new world, the seven boys, who will embark on a new journey together as an artist named DRIPPIN, plan to show their boundless world through their desire to overcome even their fears and their curiosity about the world.

DRIPPIN, which knocked on the door of the music industry in the second half of 2020 with its unique worldview and differentiated music, looks forward to capturing the public's attentions by unfolding their own endless stories that have not been shown before through their debut album [Boyager].


  1. 1. Boyager
  2. 2.Nostalgia (Title)
  3. 3. Overdrive
  4. 4. Shine
  5. 5. 물들여
  6. 6. 빛