2023. 09. 06

Rocket Punch’s third Single Album [BOOM], is back as the main character in ‘TEEN MOVIE’
Rocket Punch’s growth story in ‘DIGITAL-FOMO’, facing itself in complete reality

Rocket Punch, who has built a talented image among global K-POP fans by showing off their diverse charms and wide musical spectrum, has returned with their third Single Album [BOOM].

Rocket Punch’s 3rd Single Album [Boom] is an album completed by mixing and matching the moments pf “TEEN MOVIE”, which represented Y2K-Culture, and the “Different World” genre represented by MZ’s Sub-culture.

The title song ‘BOOM’ is a POP-DANCE genre song with additive Synth sound and rhythmical Bass-Line, and its powerful yet lively rhythm and catchy melody are impressive. It’s more interesting when match the scenes of the music video with the lovey and powerful anti-war elements that fully embody the character trait of Rocket Punch members who have transformed into teenage girls from another world.

Meanwhile, Rocket Punch, who announced their comeback after about a year, continues to meet fans on various channels, including domestic and international group activities, survival programs, and music projects. Through this activity, it will further expand its scope by capturing the hearts of K-POP fans around the world with Rocket Punch’s own positive energy.


  1. 1. BOOM (Title)
  2. 2. Alive
  3. 3. Give Me Your Heart