Beautiful MAZE

2024. 04. 03

The representation of youth with the feelings of DRIPPIN [Beautiful MAZE]
The story of youth’s repetitive love and separation, excitement and agony.

In April 2023, DRIPPIN, who showed strong performances and maturity by releasing [SEVEN SINS] in highly complete world view, is making a comeback in about a year with the fourth Single Album [Beautiful MAZE] featuring the representation of youth.

The single [Beautiful MAZE] captures the emotions of youth in various genres of music, from the title song ‘Beautiful MAZE,’ which compares love and separation to a maze, to ‘Get LOUD,’ which provides refreshing and heart-throbbing feelings, to 'Black MIRROR,' which contains the anguish of two egos, 'me' in virtual and 'me' in real life.

The title song ‘Beautiful MAZE’ is a NEW WAVE genre song completed by combining UP-TEMPO rhythms based on Synth-POP sound. It unravels love and separation, and pain that cannot escape from those emotions through the medium of "maze.” The faint whistles and rising Drum N Bath rhythms in the intro to stimulate immersion and emotional lines and instantly drawing you into the flow of the song.

In addition, the music video sets up structural emotional area called a maze, depicting the story of growing up through the process of love, separation, eternity, and regret compared to the game ‘tag’ and expressed the moments of escaping from the bridle toward new salvation in DRIPPIN's own way.

DRIPPIN, who will meet the public with a different concept of youth than its previous work, will build a new are through the activities of their fourth Single Album and continue to meet global K-POP fans through various channels.


  1. 01. Beautiful MAZE (Title)
  2. 02. Get LOUD
  3. 03. Black MIRROR