2022. 08. 08

"Start again. There's no end to me. I'll be the new me"
Burning hot with powerful performance Golden Child's 6th mini album, "AURA"

Golden Child (DAEYEOL, Y, JANGJUN, TAG, SEUNGMIN, JAEHYUN, JIBEON, DONGHYUN, JOOCHAN, BOMIN), who are shaking up the world with their endless charm and proving their global influence through the American tour, have returned with their 6th mini album [AURA].
This 6th mini album ‘AURA’ contains 6 songs of various genres that contain Golden Child’s strong and sexy charm as well as their unique appearance.

The 6th mini-album [AURA], which raises expectations for another challenge with a new appearance, is expected to delight listeners' eyes and ears with Golden Child's unique energetic vibe as well as Golden Child's mature musicality.


  1. 1. AURA
  2. 2. Replay (Title)
  3. 3. Knocking On My Door
  4. 4. 3! 6! 5!
  5. 5. Purpose
  6. 6. 완벽해 (Miracle)